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  • The AlleyOOP® 10'x17' PowerBounce trampoline comes with 56 adjustable PowerBounce assemblies, allowing a huge range of performance customization options, using the included PowerArms, PowerHooks, and PowerSprings.
  • The trampoline jumping mat is 40" tall, for excellent ground clearance for superior performance.
  • 108 Extra-Stretch™ High-Performance springs are 10" long, zinc-plated steel. Our springs provide excellent bounce with less injury potential than the stiffer, harder landing you get on someone else's trampoline using shorter, lower quality springs.
  • Maximum single-user weight rating up to 350 lbs in configuration. Over 800 lbs combined!
  • 10' x 17'  $2499
  • ​Netting Included

DoubleBounce Trampoline Denver 

  • The frame is heavy-duty, 1.9" diameter, pre-galvanized steel, that is powder coated with a beautiful forest green, textured finish. The frame has a 2mm wall thickness.
  • The trampoline jumping make is 35" tall, for better ground clearance.
  • 96 extra-stretch high-performance springs on the 14' (88 springs on 12' and 72 springs on the 10') 8.5" long, tapered, high tensile steel give our best bounce performance yet still offer a low-impact landing. Our springs are rust resistant using a high-quality zinc-plating process.
  • 14' model has a maximum single-user weight rating up to 245 lbs; 240 for the 12'; and 215 lbs for the 10' VariableBounce.
  • Over 800 lbs combined!
  • 10'  $1299
  • 12'  $1399
  • 14'  $1499
  • ​Netting Included

VariableBounce Trampoline Denver 

Rectangle Trampoline Denver 

  • The most advanced safety engineering available in trampolines. Rated #1 for 17 years!
  • Our most popular model DoubleBounce™ is 50% more forgiving than ordinary trampolines. Proprietary design creates a "Shock absorption zone".
  • The top trampoline mat is 40" tall, for excellent ground clearance.
  • 128 Extra-Stretch™ High-Performance Springs (10" long, tapered, high tensile steel) give our best bounce performance, yet still offer a low-impact landing.
  • Maximum single-user weight rating up to 250 lbs in standard 128-spring configuration. Combined weight of over 800 lbs!
  • 14'  $2099
  • ​Netting Included