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Ultimate Playsets Inc. carries four distinct types of Backyard Adventures playsets: the Treehouse series, Peak series, Explorer series and Expedition series. Read on to decide which one is right for your children!
Treehouse series playset
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Treehouse Series   

The Treehouse Series is our most popular line of playsets with unlimited possibilities!
  • 100% Cedar
  • Most modular
  • Highest quality features
  • Fort size 5'5" x 5'5"
  • Deck Heights 5', 6', and 7'
We use 100% cedar for long-lasting durability and back every Treehouse play set with our Limited Life-Time Warranty. Our compression clamps are the strongest construction system and have been tested to be more than twice as strong as non-clamped joints. In addition, these compression clamps make it easy to add higher levels as your children grow.

Peak Series 

The Peak series comes standard with our most popular climbing options: rock wall, chain ladder/flat-step ladder combo, and accessory arm with rope ladder. You can also get a tire swivel swing and an accessory arm with trapeze bar with every Peak unit.
  • 100% Cedar
  • Semi-modular design
  • Highest quality features
  • Fort size 6' x 6'
  • Deck Heights 6' and 7'
Peak series playset
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Explorer Series 

The Explorer Series is the perfect balance between price and value. Explorer playsets are designed for children of all ages and provide the ultimate combination of quality, affordability, convenience and of course, fun.
  • 100% Cedar
  • Semi-modular
  • High quality features
  • Deck Heights 5' and 6'

Expedition Series

Our Expedition Series is the most affordable family of top-quality playsets available. The Expedition Series is loaded with valuable features and is designed for all ages.
  • 100% Cedar
  • Pre-packaged kits for easy design
  • Unique options at great prices
  • Deck Height 5'
Expedition series playset
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Rubber Mulch in Denver

Ultimate Playsets is proud to offer rubber mulch the newest form of mulch for your backyard playground. Please call us at 303-733-0631 if you have questions about pricing and availability of rubber mulch for your backyard playground. Our Rubber Mulch is made from recycled tires.
It is eco-friendly and is the safest and longest lasting landscape mulch in the marketplace. The coloring on rubber mulch will last up to 12 years and is not harmful to children or pets. Rubber Mulch saves you time and money by avoiding the yearly hassle of re-mulching
Benefits of Rubber Mulch:
  • Does not need to be replaced annually
  • Color lasts up to 12 years
  • Will not decompose over time
  • Does not absorb water, will not freeze
  • Rubber Mulch provides a softer, safer surface for your kids and pets
  • Will not blow or wash away
  • Environmentally sustainable
Use this calculator to determine how much Rubber Mulch you will need for your project.

Square Feet
Depth (in Inches)

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